Static North Title Image
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cover: sara
cover: whitegreyblack
cover: self titled
  1. part i: you can never cross the same stream twice
  2. part ii: evergreen
  3. part iii: “'s what keeps you alive”
  1. fruit of life
  2. one falling star, part I
  3. one falling star, part II
  4. minus twenty, part I
  5. minus twenty, part II
  6. that's what the moment is like, and that's all there was
  7. nouvelle signalisation
  8. the least majestic house on the street
  9. as we all are, no birth, no extinction
  10. first cold day
static north
  1. westbound
  2. stubborn tiny lights
  3. more life
  4. adcreep
  5. ours, that night got away from us
  6. timing (is fucking everything)